About Melitza

A Native of California, Melitza Rose's Love of Art was influenced at an early age while growing up in San Francisco in the 60's. Beginning with the original flash art created for music venues at Fillmore West & Winterland located in Lower Pacific Heights, Melitza was captured by the color filled popular "classic" posters announcing tour dates for the likes of Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Joplin, Traffic, Hendrix & Humble Pie.

Driven by the intricately detailed abstracts exhibiting bold-color, flowing-shadows, shapes & Faces, Melitza began drawing with pencil, pen & ink & eventually lured Acrylic onto the canvas.

Third Generation Greek-Portuguese, Raised up in a household with seven siblings, her parents, especially her Mother, highly-encouraged creative expression!  She also has a Passion for documenting photographically, a skill instilled long ago by her father who could make an event out of an olive and cheese sandwich!

Melitza grew up in the bay area and studied Art & Interior Design at the College of
San Mateo while participating in ceramic clubs & writing buffets
as she developed
her unique style.

With a Love of Art, Culture, Food & Yoga she is guided by her destiny & brings Light through her art. Having visited Museums of Greece, France, Italy, England, South America, Mexico, India &
other US City Galleries. She is a seeker of Life
while blissfully seated in Each Moment Life has to offer her.

Melitza relocated from Northern California to So. Cal. in the mid 80's where she lived for 26 years. She now happily resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she continues to expand her life, creativity and artistry.

"My art is influenced by life, a reflection of one past or a new journey simply calling me.
As life is artful and created with every breath, so is the Creation of Art we bring to life!
My focus on the newest additions are to create pieces that lend a touch of light
that may reflect the Goodness of Humanity"

For the Love of Art...Enjoy!

Melitza Rose

Salute, Blessings, Namaste, Sat Nam, Viva Life!

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